Whoop Requirements (SPECS)

  • 65mm Frame size
  • Fully ducted frame ie: Cockroach / Meteor65 Frame (carbon frames are allowed)
  • 31mm Propeller Size ONLY
  • Brushed or Brushless motors of any size 
  • 1s Lipo Battery Only
  • 25mW VTX Power Output Only (If your whoop does not have a 25mW option it may not be flown). Example includes: BBBLV3.
  • CP antennas are Optional. You may use them, but they are not required.

SPEC Details


  • If you are transmitting lower than 25mW we will let you know at tech inspection. You may still fly your whoop if it transmits too low but do know, very good odds you will have extremely poor video. If it is transmitting over 25mW and cannot lower it, you will not pass tech inspection and will not be allowed to fly that whoop. If a pilot is caught bumping up their mW because they are transmitting low that pilot will receive a verbal warning. If it happens a 2nd time a pilot may be subject to DQ.

VTX channel

  • Some FC’s have “floating” VTX’s. This is when you have your whoop programmed to a specific channel but it’s transmitting slightly off the channel you told it to be on. Example: if you’re assigned R8 and have a “floating” VTX your video will be transmitting perfectly on E7. This will be determined at tech inspection. If your VTX is “floating” your whoop will not pass tech inspection.

Receiver Protocol

  • Redpine: No changes required. As they come is acceptable.
  • ELRS: For those of you using ELRS you are not to exceed 1000hz for your packet rate and you are not to exceed 100mW for your power. For best performances we would suggest running 500hz and 100mW. (Note: if you are flying with ELRS you will be required to prove you are on the above-mentioned settings within your external module, so please ensure you have your lua set up to be able to enter the menu to prove such at tech inspection). If you are unable to prove your ELRS settings at tech inspection, it will not pass Tech Inspection.
  • Tracer / Ghost / Crossfire: if you are using tracer, ghost, or crossfire, you are not to exceed 100mW on your power. You will be required to prove your power level is not exceeding 100mW at tech inspection therefore please ensure you have the proper lua within your transmitter to prove it. If you are unable to prove your Tracer, Ghost, or crossfire at 100mW power it will not pass Tech Inspection.
  • FrSky / FlySky / Spektrum: No changes required. As they come is acceptable.

That’s it! If you meet these requirements, then you’re all set! If not, do what you need to be in spec so your whoop is ready for some tight racing!

Additional Info

Tech Inspection
Tech inspection will be quick and easy. Please arrive at LEAST 20min prior to your set qualifying time for tech inspection/registration. Please bring a maximum of two (2) whoops to tech inspection to have checked, as well as a battery to power up your whoop, and your radio. We will be using a wand to determine if your whoop is putting out the proper 25mW as well as making sure your whoop is currently on its designated channel assigned to you in the pilot email. PLEASE ADD YOUR VTX CHANNEL TO YOUR OSD FOR QUICK CONFIRMATIONS. ELRS/Crossfire settings will be checked during tech too so bring your radio and have the lua open. Please make sure to show up to tech inspection on your assigned channel!!

Turtle Mode
Yes. Turtle mode is allowed at Tiny Whoop Open but there will NOT be track marshals at any given time. We strongly suggest having your turtle mode set up properly prior to arrival!

Practice Rounds
Each pilot will get one (1) practice round before their qualifying begins to learn the track and dial in their line. There will be a two (2) minute timer on the board running during these practice rounds. As soon as the two (2) minute timer goes off, you are to IMMEDIATELY bring in your whoop. Please DO NOT continue to fly to finish your lap.

Qualifying Rounds
Each pilot will get five (5) to seven (7) qualifying rounds (depending on number of pilots). There will be a two (2) minute timer on the board and when the timer goes off you are to CONTINUE flying and finish the lap that you are on. Do not stop flying when the timer goes off like you do in practice! We will be flying 2 rounds back-to-back. You will fly your practice round and then immediately fly your first (1st) qualifying heat. Qualifying times will be determined by best CONSECUTIVE three (3) laps (or two, 2, laps if you do not complete 3 laps).

There is one (1) minute between heats. Meaning, when you are done flying you have one (1) minute to go retrieve your whoop and get off the track as quickly and safely as possible. If you are on deck, this means you have one (1) minute to plug in your whoop, sit down, and give a thumbs up and be ready to race. The timer waits for NO ONE! So be on your A-game as we will move quickly. BE READY during your qualifying event. We will not wait for you, but we will do our best to announce who is on deck to help everyone move smoothly.

Pilot Review
Pilots are eligible to challenge a race for video, missing a gate, or any other issues they feel needs to be reviewed. Pilots will have until the heat following the challenged race finishes (3 minutes total) to call a challenge.

Pilot reviews are to be called before the end of the next heat, if there is no challenge, the results are final.

If there is a midair before going through the start gate upon launch, all pilots are to immediately bring your quad in. In the event of a midair, pilots will have a chance to get a new battery and reset. This will ONLY HAPPEN ONCE. If on the rerun, there is another midair, there will NOT be a second rerun.

If part of the track falls or is disabled, pilots are to fly the course as if the gate was up and finish the race. Do not skip the gate, you MUST try to fly the same line. This does NOT constitute a rerun.

If the video on the live stream passes judges inspection, there is to be no rerun. If the Video Judge determines there was video interference on any channel due to someone plugging in, or any other reason the Video Judge determines, a rerun could be called.

Spotters are allowed, but PLEASE be respectful to other pilots and do not distract them. We want to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to get their best laps in. NOTE: You may hear spotters in your vicinity which may be distracting to you, we strongly encourage wearing earbuds or earplugs if you are bothered by talking around you. We strongly suggest that if you think you have missed a gate, turn back and go get it before proceeding along the track to avoid a DQ run.